The question is often asked: What is the function of a Customs Broker? If any licensed U.S. Customs Broker can provide you with the necessary services, does it matter which brokerage is selected? A. F. Romero & Co., Inc., thinks so.

U.S. Customs, the monitoring agency for goods flowing into or exported from the United States , has the responsibility of insuring that such items are in compliance with Federal, State and local regulations, as they are identified by regulatory agencies.

The list of protective regulatory concerns is comprehensive. A. F. Romero & Co., Inc. has a professional staff capable of providing clients with the service and attention necessary to quickly and effectively clear merchandise into and out of the United States.

A. F. Romero & Co., Inc. is a certified participant in the U.S. Customs Automated Broker Interface, better known as ABI. ABI permits direct contact with the U.S. Customs Service Data Center via a computer/modem link to transmit data pertaining to merchandise being imported into the United States