Life in the world of import-export activities was difficult enough prior to the “9-11” shocker. U.S. customs (part of the Department of Homeland Security) has become ever more stringent in establishing new and evolving procedures to cope with the threat to the Homeland posed by import shipments. Greater emphasis is now placed on better controlling imports and exports and establishing measures to screen-in-advance individual shipments prior to as well as after entry into the U.S. Closer security by U.S. Customs can be expected now and probably well into the future.

Manufacturers, shippers, carriers, importers and brokers are tasked with ever more responsibilities and duties in handling importations as well as exportations.

As U.S. licensed Customs brokers, we are here to provide you with proper information to assist you in complying with your responsibilities and help you in establishing proper procedures and controls to facilitate your international shipments. We can help you to minimize the possibility of any potential penalties or liquidated damages assessments that could be levied against you due to alleged violations of legal or regulatory statutes on requirements. These punitive measures can be taken by U.S. Customs not only against intentional violations but also to a lessen degree for gross negligence or even ordinary negligence in actions on non-actions on your part.

Let’s face it! Accuracy in documentation is ever more paramount both in invoicing procedures as well as reconciliation. It will not likely get much easier and it may even get a little harder.

Even if you have a reliable, well-staffed in-house department to handle your imports and exports, their knowledge and perhaps even viewpoint may be somewhat limited or skewed. We look at your shipments from a U.S. Customs perspective to help prevent you from getting into potential trouble with governmental agencies.

A. F. Romero & Co., and its experienced staff stays on top of all the mandated procedures and systems requirements to be complied with on your shipments. We effectively communicate and work with you to make your shipments trouble-free. We see ourselves as a very important if not an essential adjunct and asset to your company.

Is there anything that distinguishes us from the bulk of the licensed U.S. Customs Brokers community here in Calexico? Look into our background here at the border and you be the judge. Look at the individual background of our principals and we believe you will come to the conclusion you will be well-served by trusting in us and our services.

Though we may not be able to make your shipments pleasurable experiences, we can certainly help you to make them as trouble-free as possible.


The question is often asked: What is the function of a Customs Broker? If any licensed U.S. Customs Broker can provide you with the necessary services, does it matter which brokerage is selected? A. F. Romero & Co., Inc., thinks so.

U.S. Customs, the monitoring agency for goods flowing into or exported from the United States , has the responsibility of insuring that such items are in compliance with Federal, State and local regulations, as they are identified by regulatory agencies.

The list of protective regulatory concerns is comprehensive. A. F. Romero & Co., Inc. has a professional staff capable of providing clients with the service and attention necessary to quickly and effectively clear merchandise into and out of the United States.

A. F. Romero & Co., Inc. is a certified participant in the U.S. Customs Automated Broker Interface, better known as ABI. ABI permits direct contact with the U.S. Customs Service Data Center via a computer/modem link to transmit data pertaining to merchandise being imported into the United States